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I’m a guitar nerd, sound freak and recording lover. 2020 I moved from Munich to a nice village in the Allgäu and built my recording studio into a farm. 24/7 loud drum recording is possible just as sitting together in the control room and talking about how to get the best sound for your instrument in respective of your songs - or just having a relaxed walk into the woods next door to clear your mind.

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    Recording lover, guitar nerd and sound freak
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    Studied audio engineer and information design in Graz
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    Own film production since 2020
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    Own recording studio since 2022
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    Audio productions since ATARI times


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I was born near Munich, studied audio engineer and information design in Graz and came back to Munich were I worked as head of postproduction in an internationally active film production.
My love of music exists as long as I can remember. It was intensified when I bought my first guitar at the age of 14. Since that day I also was caught in the world of music, sound design and recording. And I’m still a big fan of searching for the best sounds!


ein Bild von Michael Kara

The love for film and moving images developed during my studies in information design. Since then, film and sound/audio have become indispensable in my life. I always look forward to realizing project ideas with imaginative and open clients.

This means for you as a customer:

As an experienced band musician and film producer, I can put together a fantastic tailor-made package for you. Whether it’s just about recording individual instruments or complete band productions with sound advice, I’m happy to create music videos or high-quality photo and film material for print and/or social media alongside the audio production.

Not only use presets! I like to explore new paths! Of course, there are standard approaches and classics that usually sound good. But occasionally using a different microphone that you wouldn’t normally use, or adding vintage effects to tracks where you typically wouldn’t, can lead to something interesting and fresh. I have a lot of audio gear here - let’s experiment together and find a unique sound for you!

Everyone should be themselves! Feel free with me. My main goal is for you to leave satisfied with your product and for us to have a great time together!

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